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Wild Boar Driven Hunts

The Excitement of a Montería

Wild Boar driven hunt is a traditional and genuine Spanish way for hunting. Dog catchers together with groups of dogs, "rehalas", break through the lands moving the game animals towards the hunters' positions. The unpredictable reactions of these wild animals fill with emotion the passes that take place.

In Quintanar we offer wild boar driven hunts in a unique, wild and exclusive hunting ground. Fourteen posts get the best out of the natural shooting range in a centenary shrub oak, gall oak and a varied broken orography, forcing the unexistence of two equal posts.

The strategic, natural and distant one from another setting of the posts, gives the hunter full security.

We can hunt throughout the whole year with no limitation of the season, as other states do have.

Nowadays we continue hunting as our ancestors did, maintaining the traditions, living the same sensations and featuring the scenery and sounds that the countryside allows us to in this amazing form of chase.

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